And from the One come birds And geese and pigs and bushes And from the One come books And words and pens and papers And from the One come men And women and also androgyny And from the One come this And our being here, come now Come everything. And from that One Comes nothing […]

Pink lipstick Red lipstick Fleshtone lipstick Red, yellow, brown, black & white lipstick Lipstick to make your lips fuller Lipstick to make your lips glossier Lipstick to make your lips softer Lipstick that stays on for 24 hours Lipstick to rub off on your lovers collar Brown mascara Grey mascara Black & blue mascara Midnight […]

the good food

a prayer for those who seek, inspired by the Gnostic Gospels of Mary Magdalene, “I left one world behind with the aid of another, and now as image I have been freed from analog:” with the help of another world, may you overcome this world & all the while, in gratitude, eat your vegetables & […]

i am thankful for fingers and ivory keys. i am thankful for time and inner-looking. i am thankful for the promise of ever-new Love. i am thankful for faith that everything heals into wholeness. i am thankful for small knowing that is undisturbed by wild outside longings or worries. i am thankful for this knowing; […]


The stillness is still. And still, The stillness is still stillness. We are being compassionate, At times, being discriminative, We are being playful Or being quiet. Whatever the quality, Whatever the qualification, We are always being. You are being here You are being here, now And “wow,” how the “time passes” While you are still […]